Appliances' Repair

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Appliance Repair


We fix all makes and models of dishwashers. We repair all type of faults such as:

  1. Drain/Wash System Blockages
  2. No Hot Water
  3. Poor Wash Result
  4. Door/Handle/Door Lock Faults
  5. No Start/Stops In Mid Cycle
  6. And Many More

Washing Machines & Washer Dryers

We offer a full range of washing machine/washer dryer repairs:

  1. No Drain
  2. Washer Stops In Mid Cycle
  3. Clothes inside
  4. Not Heating
  5. Door/Frame/Gasket Replacements
  6. Drum/Bearing Repair
  7. And Many More

Tumble Dryers

We offer a full range of Tumble Dryer fault repairs such as:

  1. No Heat Faults
  2. Faulty Heather
  3. Snapped Belt
  4. Blockages
  5. Temperature too High or Low
  6. Timer Faults
  7. And Many More

Electric Cooker/Ovens

We fix wide range of faults on a electric cooker/ovens:

  1. Fan Element/Motor Repair
  2. Thermostat Problems
  3. Switch/Button Faults
  4. Door/Glass/Hinges Replacement
  5. Grill/Base Elements Failure
  6. Seal Replacements
  7. And Many More

Hobs & Extractor Fans

If you need an engineer to fix your electric hob or a Extractor Unit we can help you with a wide range of repairs such as:

  1. Hot Plate Failure
  2. Thermal Regulator Fault
  3. Extractor Fan Faulty Motor
  4. Excessive Noise
  5. lamp/Bulb Replacements
  6. Faulty Control Unit
  7. And Many More

Fridge & Fridge/Freezers

We fix all makes and models of Fridges and Fridge/Freezers with all type of faults such as:

  1. Thermostat Failure
  2. Leaking Fridge
  3. Noisy Compressor
  4. Not Cold Enough
  5. Door/Seal/Hinge and Handle issues
  6. And Many More

All Type Of Fridges:

  1. Built in Fridges and Fridge/Freezers
  2. Free Standing Fridges and Fridge/Freezers
  3. American Style Fridges
  4. Fridges in Office/Bottle Coolers